Art Styling for Jemma Calavassy


Newcastle Artist Jemma from Jemma Calavassy recently contacted me with the opportunity to style some of her beautiful artwork, I was so drawn to the vibrant colours in her paintings that I jumped at the opportunity.

With six kids between us we finally managed to meet (and with no kids in tow, that is always an achievement in it’s self) to discuss her work. I instantly picked up the vibe of Jemma’s art philosophy “be a free spirit, let go and follow the journey of where the painting takes me”. Her use of vibrant colour, curves, dots, circles and lines really create unique and interesting art that makes a real statement in a room.


My house is very “blue, white and timber” so having some colour on my walls was very refreshing, it made me realise how much a piece of art can change the whole look of a home. In fact I think I might base a new room design around one of her art pieces, Iv’e seen people from places like the block choose the art then the bits that go with it so I’m interested in trying this out.


I love that Jemma’s art has so many colours to it that you can pretty much choose a rainbow of products to style with it. I went for blue’s and white’s with a touch of yellow because these are the colours I love to use throughout my house. You could literally redecorate your house at a later stage without having to change the art, I love that.

Jemma’s overall vision is make people happy when they see or think about her artwork and i think she is accomplishing that well in the pieces I have displayed in my home.



I have attached a link below of Jemma’s Instagram page so you can see more of her work and keep watch for her new website coming soon.

Have a lovely day,



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