Lunch and house tour of Lana’s forever home from Three Birds Renovations

three birds_30


I squealed with excitement when I received an invitation from Connect Pr to a tour and lunch of Lana’s forever home hosted by Caroma. I have been a long time fan of the Three Birds Renovations after discovering them on Instagram during their very first renovation. I HAD to go so a quick juggle of work and the kids meant I could attend.

After having a hectic morning of things not going quite right I finally jumped in my car and punched the address into my GPS the trip was predicted to take 1hr 28 and the event started in 1hr 30 so the whole trip there was very nerve wracking I had no time to be nervous. I arrived 5 minutes early, I couldn’t have timed it any better.

The first impressions of the exterior was WOW so white and very Santorini. As I made my way up the driveway to the side deck I found the famous boganvillia I can see why Lana fought so hard to keep it. it’s beautiful.

three birds_36three birds_42


I was greeted by Lana, Bonnie and Erin with a champagne and some nibbles, as we were chatting I couldn’t help but notice how serene this space was and to think it was once an unused area of the house. The wide Hardie Deck decking is something of my dreams, it made me really think about my upcoming deck renovation, is this something we can use on our deck?

three birds_321493611680933

I have watched all the Three birds Tv Series so I know how Lana has a thing about shoes in the house so before we stepped a foot inside the shoes were off. I didn’t mind, I would have kicked off a pair Jimmy Choo’s to get in that door. The massive beaded pendant from Klay Life slapped me in the face ( in a good way ) as soon as I entered Lana’s house, far out that thing is huge and soooo perfect for the massive void.

three birds_24

As my eye’s wondered around the room I couldn’t help but notice the “Butlers office” I have never seen one before, How did Lana come up with this idea? maybe the next trend? This was also the talk around lunch. Erin said she would have had a butlers pantry, Bonnie said she would have a bigger laundry. Me i’m still unsure? Maybe just a bigger kitchen not that the kitchen is small or anything.



We had a tour of the house and plenty of opportunity’s to take photos and have a chat as we went through. Lana gave us a demo on the Luxaflex silhouette shadings window covering ( NEED ) and the Caroma rimless toilet, yes there is such a thing. Imagine how much time this will save cleaning.

three birdsthree birds_16

I love the detail in the cornice.

three birds_14

14912109675461489736459279three birds_20

We had to take a selfie of course.

01_LAUNDRY_016three birds_5

After the tour we had an amazing lunch out on the deck overlooking Lana’s pool and backyard. The girls spilled the beans on a few upcoming projects which  I’m not going to share… you will have to wait.

three birds_28three birds_15

The day was amazing, the house is amazing and the Three birds girls are amazing. It is going to take quite a long time to get over the fact that i was actually in Lana’s house and i met the girls behind the Three Birds Renovations




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