Gumtree – My favourite place to shop


Some people like to shop at Ikea, some people like to shop at Freedom but I LOVE to shop on Gumtree. This may have something to do with the lack of funds available to spend on homewares and furniture (having three kids is bloody expensive) or the fact that I love a good bargain but whatever it is I can’t get enough. I’d say 60% of my furniture are bargains off gumtree and I have no shame about it. You have to be quick though because all the good stuff gets snapped up quickly, I am going to share some of my tips on how I get good bargains on Gumtree.

Before I get started I thought I’d share some of the things in my house that are gumtree finds.


By far my most favourite find and most asked about on Instagram is my kitchen stools, these were in perfect condition (and still are, I am surprised my kids haven’t trashed them) and I got them for $50 for ALL 4!! double high five they were located in the next suburb, I love it when that happens. Ohhh and can you see those vintage scales with the lemons on top in the background? it was from gumtree for $5, they are about 100 years old according to the lady I purchased them off, they were her grandmothers. I love to mix the old with the new.

session 2_3

After searching high and low for an ensemble bed with storage I found the perfect one on Ikea’s website, it was $450 which i was happily going to pay BUT before I did I thought I’d try gumtree and yep you guessed it I found one, it was 6 months old and only $150. I did have to travel 1.5hrs to get it but I was going to travel that far anyway to my nearest Ikea and it just so happened to be around the corner from Ikea so I still got to go for a browse.

alahni bedroom_48

Another find was my dining table, this one is still current in store at Early Settler for $999 and i picked this up off gumtree for $250 which also included a jute mat which has found a new home in Hallie’s room.


For those who have been following me for a while now would know I did a bathroom renovation last year and the majority of the materials where from gumtree including this vanity. We had stored it for a while till we where ready to renovate but I am pretty sure I payed $50. We replaced the old bench top with a new DIY Oak top and purchased new basins. In this new bathroom I found the vanity, shower screen, tiles and stool all on gumtree, the total cost of the bathroom was under $5000 including a tiler to lay the tiles. I think I’ll do a blog post with more in depth information later down the track.


I have a real thing for bedside tables and love to swap them out every so often because I get bored, these ones I found on gumtree for $100 for the pair. They only just fitted in the space so I since sold them, that’s the beauty of buying things off gumtree you don’t have to keep something because you paid an arm and a leg for them you can sell them and move and loose next to nothing.

alahni bedroom_9

My last find I am going to share is Alahni’s new bed. It was $100 and originally a horrible cream colour, I painted it a beautiful deep pink because she requested a pink sparkly bed but I managed to get away with a pink bed and some fairy light… win!
So now you can see why i love to shop on gumtree.


Here are my top tips.


  • If you like something and want it never wait to get in contact with the seller do it straight away, chances are if you leave it you will miss out.


  • Don’t try to talk someone down on a price if the add has only been on gumtree for a short period, most people aren’t negotiable on prices if they are getting  lot of interest. If you are trying to talk them down and someone else comes in and is willing to pay full price they will give you the flick pretty quick.


  • Weekends are the best time to be on gumtree which is also the time when most people are busiest, If we are travelling in the car or you have 5 mins to spare just jump on and have a browse.


  • When I look on gumtree I browse the whole category of ‘home and garden’ in the entire Newcastle area, I mainly do this because I never really have a particular item I am looking for I just look for bargains.


  • When you find something on gumtree and you are in contact with the seller i would recommend to say to the seller something along the lines of  “when can I come over to take a look at your bedside tables” this way you aren’t committing to buying them rather you are checking them out. Sometimes things aren’t what they seem in photos so it’s always good to cover yourself if you get a nasty seller.


  • Always ask the seller questions if you need to, in particular “is the item in good condition” that way you aren’t travelling around town for something that needs a lot of work if you aren’t up for it.


Happy shopping!




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