My laundry renovation on a budget

alahni bedroom_85For me the laundry was somewhere I didn’t mind going budget when it came to our renovation because I am the only one who really goes in there….well i guess hubby occasionally steps foot in there looking for clean undies lol.

Like any renovation I’ve done I always start with looking around the room to see what I can keep and what needs replacing, in this case the flooring was ok as we replaced this when we first moved in and the rest had to go. The thing that really lacked in our old laundry was bench space and storage and as Shayna from The Block says ‘you can never have to much storage’ and as a mum of three kids with lots of dirty clothes I need storage and bench space for all that fun folding.



After a few weeks stalking gumtree I managed to get some cupboards that someone had purchased and intended on using in their kitchen but decided against it so they were brand new and an absolute steal. Before you think well how is that going to help with my laundry then I am happy to say the brand of the cupboards are Kaboodle from Bunnings and these are really affordable, we had to get a few extra cupboards to suit the layout of the laundry and I was surprised by how affordable they were and not to mention how good the quality is.

The next big thing in the renovation was choosing a bench top, stone was definitely out the question as it didn’t fit within the budget so I went on the hunt for something more affordable. After browsing Bunnings I found laminate that looked and felt just like real oak timber but with a much affordable price tag of just $129 for a 2.4mtr length. I loved how it really warmed up the space and added another contrast to the white cupboards and walls. The other good thing about laminate is that it easy to cut and install and you don’t need to pay a stonemason like you would if you had stone bench tops.

alahni bedroom_86session 2_5

After realising I hadn’t used my laundry tub in two years and the only time it got wet was to rinse out the dust I decided to ditch the tub, even though the plumbing was already there I decided that I’d prefer more bench space over a tub that never got used. This was another way I managed to save money, not only would you have to pay for a sink but the cost of the tap and plumber would also add up. You’re probably thinking “where do you soak your clothes?” well I don’t I just use spray on stain removers and I find they work better then soaking. Maybe one day I’ll change my mind but I am happy for now.

Because I had no sink I really didn’t need a splash back but for looks I used some leftover easycraft panels that I had from my bedroom redo. Aaron cut them to size and I painted them the same colour as the wall, I love the idea that one day I can paint them again to any colour I like. You can buy Easycraft panels from Bunnings and they come in different sizes with prices starting at around $26/ sheet.


DSC03687One of my most loved and most used thing in my laundry is my drying rail that is attached to the wall. If anyone watched hallway and laundry week on the block then this is the same as the one Ronnie and Georgia used. For a whole $20 you can get yourself one from Bunnings.

Add an Argave from the garden in a jug of water, a vase of flowers or an indoor plant, some cute baskets and large glass jars from Provincial Home full of pegs and washing powder (with Little label co labels) and your laundry is done.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money or make it a major renovation to have a beautiful laundry, my advice is to plan your laundry and work out what things you want or don’t want in your laundry. To save on costs look into using prefabbed cupboards from places like Bunnings or Ikea and don’t be afraid to use laminate bench tops.

Happy renovating.







2 thoughts on “My laundry renovation on a budget

  1. I love your laundry renovation Anna! Thanks for sharing the information. I am actually about to renovate my laundry also so your timing was impeccable! I have been looking for a timber look laminate bench top, do you remember the name of the one you selected by chance? Thanks so much.


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