Toilet Room Makeover Under $80


When we first moved into our house four and a half years ago we did a quick and cheap renovation on the toilet room and laundry to get us out of trouble. I never really had the time or the money to make it a space I really loved so I thought it’s time to change all that (I still don’t have the time or the money hence the super tight budget I set myself)


                                               AFTER                                          BEFORE

With our big exterior renovation happening really soon I didn’t want to spend much money or do anything major after all it’s not necessary to change it as everything is still in good condition. The space is very blah… no colour and really BROWN. I wanted to bring a bit of colour to the space so I did this with the splash back, I used vinyl stick on tiles over the top of the exciting tiles, it was so easy to cut and stick on and only cost me $22. The hardest part was choosing which design to go with, there are so many out there but I went with Moorish Tile No.3 in Azul  from Quercus and co I wouldn’t recommend these as a tile replacement or in a room with steam like a bathroom or laundry but they are certainly doing the job for me as a cheap makeover in my toilet area. You can also get stick on vinyl tiles from Quadros Style and Home art stickers  but I decided to go with the Australian made ones (not to mention I am impatient and wanted them tomorrow)

The mirror had to go and instead of going with your tradition bevelled edge type one I went with something a bit more fun. The cane mirror is from Target and costs $30. I had purchased this a while ago with no real idea of where to put it and now I have found the perfect spot.


The third thing I changed was the handles on the vanity. It ties in nicely with the wood on the mirror and for $4.50ea from Bunnings it was a no brainer to change them. The Macrame pot hanger from Adairs was on sale at the time so I couldn’t resist, the hanging ivy adds some greenery to room and considering this room is so small the only option for a decorative piece is to hang it from the ceiling.


This makeover came to a total of $77 (including the mirror) which I think is a complete success. It shows you don’t have to spend a lot of money or nag your husband to change things for you, you can do it yourself.


Happy decorating.






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