Wooden Christmas Tree DIY

It wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t do a little DIY and this year I decided I’d have a change from my traditional tree and make a wooden one.


I decided the tree still needed to be quite big so I could fit all the presents from Santa underneath and something that will be easy to move from indoors to outdoors as I want to be able to put the tree in the back courtyard Christmas night when we have family over. I sketched up a little design and off to Bunnings I went with three kids and an unmotivated husband, he pretends he doesn’t like diy but secretly he does.


Most people would probably choose all the wood first but instead I went straight to Christmas lights section and found the perfect lights. I wanted them to be battery operated so I didn’t have to worry about power points and I wanted them to be white so they would blend in with the wood in the tree and of course Bunnings didn’t disappoint.




42mm x 18mm x 1200mm standard pine

1200 x 900 x 12mm sheet of plywood

1800mm x 16mm dowel

x 2 30mm long wood screws




  • Draw a 50cm circle on the plywood and cut it out using a Jig Saw and attach 4 off cuts of the pine to the bottom of the base to stabilise the Christmas tree.
  • Draw a star approx 120mm and cut it out using a jig saw, this is the star for the top of the tree.
  • Using the two pieces of the pinewood, I cut them down to 900mm, these are the bottom two branch pieces for the tree. I repeated this step over and over going down by 100mm each time till I reached 10cm. I found it easiest to line these up on the ground starting with the largest at bottom and then the off-cut at the top and filling the gaps in between.
  • I then cut approx 50 42mm x 42mm pieces from the pine wood. These will be used as the trunk, the separating pieces in between each branch and the top piece of the wood.
  • Measure and mark the centre of each branch and separating pieces of wood – front and back.
  • Drill a 16mm hole in the centre of each piece of wood including the branches and the separating pieces (except for one where you only need to drill half way through which will be used for the base of the dowel), I drilled half way through on one side then turned it around and drilled the other side, this will prevent the wood from splitting.
  • Sand each piece of wood as well as the star and circle piece.
  • using the wood you only drilled a hole halfway through attach it to one end of the dowel using pva glue and a wood screw.
  • The next step is to attach the circle base with the dowel by drilling a 16mm hole through the centre of the plywood then slide dowel through the 16mm hole and attach it to the bottom 42mm x42mm with PVA wood glue.
  • Slide another separating pieces down the dowel and glue it to the top of base, let it set.
  • Once dry slide x8 separating pieces down the dowel.
  • Slide a 900mm branch down the dowel and then a separating piece, repeat this step till you reach the last 100mm piece. finish with a separating piece.
  • Before cutting the leftover dowel place the star in position and mark where you want to cut.
  • Attach the star to the top of the dowel using a wood screw. 

Hope this DIY motivates you to a little DIY this Christmas yourself.




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