DIY Storage Benchtop

bunnings_8We have always had storage issues when it comes to storing shoes in our house, they would always be piled up at our back door or in baskets which was not fun when one shoe is at the bottom of the basket. To fix this problem we decided a storage bench seat would be the best solution, not only does it look pretty and i have a new space to style but it’s super practical.

bunnings_1bunnings_3I wanted to make sure all the kids could access their shoes easily so i sourced a gas strut for the lid, it holds up the lid while you look for your shoes then when you are finished it lets the lid down slowly so not little fingers get slammed.

All the materials are from Bunnings and came in around $100, this is great sping DIY project.



DIY Bench Seat  


How to:

  • Using the treated pine timber create a box to the size you are wanting the storage box to be. Ours is 1200mm long x 560mm wide x 470mm high. Batten out the middle sections of the box so it’s sturdy enough for someone to sit on it.
  • Measure and cut the Vj panelling to the size of the front and side of the box and fix it to the box using  nails.
  • Cut down one pine floor board in half and to the length of your box and fix it to the wall side of the unit this will give something to fix the hinges to and allow the box to open.
  • To make the lid you will need to cut the remaining three boards down to the length of your storage box and attach treated pine lengths across the boards with screws.
  • Attach the hinges to the half pine board and the lid.
  • To fit the gas strut you will need to attach one end to the lid and the other to the timber battens of the box.
  • To finish it off i used 19mm quad around the bottom of the storage box, It makes it look really neat.


Have fun making this.



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